Richard A. Sands, regrettably unable to attend…


Please read, regard and accept this personal communication as my sincere apology for any unresolved conflict this situation may have/or has caused in your current programs, projects or event scheduling dates concerning my personal participation that I did or may have accepted, volunteered and/or had made a commitment to co-participate.

Regrettably, I am unable to attend or engage and have canceled a few recent activities regarding human trafficking, substance abuse and community awareness outreach projects, programs and other related events due to a number of serious debilitating heath conditions e.g. COPD/PTSD that has, unfortunately, re-surfaced during the past 8-weeks and continues or remains unrelenting without relief.

Additionally, the 120+hours per/week I have worked non-stop during the last 6 and ½ years has “Taken” its toll and indeed, has been heard around the world, as global trafficking awareness rings clearly, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.

Moreover, I am in the process of stepping-down/aside from two (2) of the three (3) non-profit organizations I volunteer/work with at this time and more specifically for the health reasons indicated above including the amount of hours I dedicated to raising social awareness -verses- working directly with the survivors, their families now and helping them to avoid further suffering by providing security, support and housing.

Respectfully submitted with many blessings, prayers and indeed best regards,

/s/ Richard A. Sands, MA, Ret. PI

Disability Network Wayne County – Detroit

SSVF Housing Coordinator

HMIS Case Manager

MIRRC & FAN-DC Advisor


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